I’m Brett g Porter. My academic training was as a composer and trombonist. For my master’s degree in Electronic/Computer Music, I had to learn to program in C for a digital synthesis class, realized I was pretty good at it, and since 1990, I’ve supported myself as a software developer, specializing in applications in the pro audio/music instrument industries. Since 1997, I’ve worked at Art+Logic, where I’m currently Lead Engineer for Audio + Music projects.

I’m an enthusiastic home cook, and for the last few years have been especially fixated on making great ice cream at home.


Where To Find Me

email: brett@bgporter.net
web: bgporter.net

Most other places on the web you can find me as ‘bgporter’ or ‘@bgporter’ (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, github, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and probably many others that I’ve forgotten. I also manage/edit and contribute to a group blog at work focusing on software development; my posts are here.

Yes, there’s a story behind why my middle initial is lowercase, and no, it’s not interesting enough for you to ask about or me to explain. You’ll need to trust me on this.


…is defined as ‘an absence of willpower or an inability to act decisively.’

It’s an ailment I periodically work on overcoming.