What I’m working on

  • My forever in-progress interactive music performance system.
  • Day-job work. Recently (summer 2018) changed role to ‘Lead Engineer, Audio+Music’. Part of that time includes work as part of the MIDI Manufacturers Association Prototype Working Group to help build out tools for working with an upcoming major update to the MIDI protocol.
  • Preparing to present my workshop at SXSW 2019 Panel, “Native Cross-Platform Development With C++ & JUCE” and our meetup
  • Rebuilding my trombone chops. (I played more or less daily for 15-16 years, from the ages of 9-25, then came to pretty much a dead stop for the next 26 years except for some sporadic attempts. Getting things back in shape is harder than I expected.)

Other things that I should be working on

  • Writing music
  • Reading something besides my RSS feeds
  • Pruning out my RSS feeds

What I’m done with

What I’m deliberately not working on

  • Abandoning an in-progress blogging/web publishing engine that I was writing using Flask/MongoDb. I have better things to do, and I already have WordPress installed here.