What I’m working on

  • Not getting infected with SARSCoV2
  • My forever in-progress interactive music performance system.
  • Day-job work. Recently (summer 2018) changed role to ‘Lead Engineer, Audio+Music’. Part of that time includes work as part of the MIDI Manufacturers Association Prototype Working Group to help build out tools for developers working on upcoming MIDI 2.0 products.
  • Rebuilding my trombone chops. (I played more or less daily for 15-16 years, from the ages of 9-25, then came to pretty much a dead stop for the next 26 years except for some sporadic attempts. Getting things back in shape is harder than I expected.)

Other things that I should be working on

  • Writing music
  • Reading something besides my RSS feeds
  • Pruning out my RSS feeds

What I’m done with

What I’m deliberately not working on