Renovation Week 9: Them!


                               OLD LADY
         Thank you, thank you, Mr Bradlaugh. Now, Mr Bysshe.


                               OLD LADY

                     THE DWARF REFILLS HER GLASS

                          OLD LADY (cont'd)
 is going to read one of his latest psalms, entitled 'Ode to a crab'.


   Well, it's not about crabs actually, it's called 'Ozymandias'.
                           It's not an ode.

                I met a traveller in an antique land
           Who said 'Six vast and trunkless legs of stone
                         Stand in the desert
               And on the pedestal these words appear
                 My name is Ozymandias, King of Ants

                      (OOHS FROM HIS AUDIENCE)

              Look on my feelers, termites, and despair
                I am the biggest ant you'll ever see
            The ants of old weren't half as bold and big
                          And fierce as me'.

                          ENORMOUS APPLAUSE.

— Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Ep. 41: “Michael Ellis”

This was supposed to be an easy week. Continue reading Renovation Week 9: Them!

Renovation Week 6: The Middle of the Film


An abbreviated update from my hotel room in Austin, Texas.

Six weeks in, and hoping that we’re about half way done. Expecting electrical inspection to happen this week, and it sounds like once that’s in place, a lot of other things can start to happen in fairly rapid sequence.

Big things that were done this week: Continue reading Renovation Week 6: The Middle of the Film