What I’m working on

(last update: 07 May 2021)

  • Not getting infected with SARSCoV2
  • My forever in-progress interactive music performance system.
  • As of May 2021, moving into a new Lead Software Engineer role at Artiphon, maker of unique and expressive controllers for musicians of all skill levels.
  • Continuing involvement with the MIDI Association, including as a member of its executive board and several of the working groups defining the new MIDI 2.0 standard.
  • …including a modern C++ library/framework for MIDI 2.0. In search of a good name for this.
  • Writing a suite for brass quintet, sketching another for Wind Ensemble. I need to get these two pieces out of my head.
  • …thinking a lot about what ‘my music’ should be now, especially the relationship between how humans engage with computers to make music, and how to get around my bad habit of working on large personal software tools instead of just sitting down and writing/playing.
  • Rebuilding my trombone chops. (I played more or less daily for 15-16 years, from the ages of 9-25, then came to pretty much a dead stop for the next 26 years except for some sporadic attempts. Getting things back in shape is harder than I expected.)

Other things that I should be working on

  • Writing music
  • Reading something besides my RSS feeds
  • Pruning out my RSS feeds

What I’m done with

What I’m deliberately not working on