Renovation Week 12: Resume

Berg, "Lyric Suite"


In English, ‘twelve‘ is the largest number that’s said with a single syllable.

Much visible progress since the frustrating relative lull of week 11, starting with a much too brief visit from my parents as they drove past on their trip to a permanent residency in Florida.


An hour or so was about all they could take of being cramped into the single usable room downstairs.  Continue reading “Renovation Week 12: Resume”

Renovation Week 11: Caesura


Not a ton of visible work this week. Some outside stuff getting the windows ready to be trimmed.

New windows at the bottom of the stairs are in, so now all the new windows are in place.

More work getting the family room ready for insulation and sheetrock, including new recessed fixtures and a fan box so we can put a ceiling fan in someday if we like.


still in progress here…

Also, work in the kids’ bathroom getting things ready to tile. Keenan comes home from school in three weeks; it would be great to have our full complement of facilities in place before he gets back.

This week? Not sure. Hoping that we can get progress in the family room and get the kitchen floor stained. Our original schedule put this at a 12-16 weeks, and we’re obviously bumping heads against the bottom end of that range.


All The Woo In The World

Monday night, I went into Manhattan for a “benefit/funkraiser” for P-Funk/Talking Heads/Praxis/etc. keyboardist Bernie Worrell.

An article in Rolling Stone last week gave a pretty solid overview of what was planned: “To date, the still-evolving lineup includes Worrell with P-Funk colleagues George Clinton and Bootsy Collins; Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads; Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash of LaBelle; Living Colour; Questlove; Buckethead; the Meters’ Leo Nocentelli; the B-52’s’ Fred Schneider; Paul Shaffer; Meryl Streep (who fronted a band featuring Worrell in her recent Ricki and the Flash); director Jonathan Demme; and the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra, the night’s presenters.” An earlier lineup listing included producer/bassist Bill Laswell, who I was sad ended up not being part of the show.

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Renovation Week 9: Them!


                               OLD LADY
         Thank you, thank you, Mr Bradlaugh. Now, Mr Bysshe.


                               OLD LADY

                     THE DWARF REFILLS HER GLASS

                          OLD LADY (cont'd)
 is going to read one of his latest psalms, entitled 'Ode to a crab'.


   Well, it's not about crabs actually, it's called 'Ozymandias'.
                           It's not an ode.

                I met a traveller in an antique land
           Who said 'Six vast and trunkless legs of stone
                         Stand in the desert
               And on the pedestal these words appear
                 My name is Ozymandias, King of Ants

                      (OOHS FROM HIS AUDIENCE)

              Look on my feelers, termites, and despair
                I am the biggest ant you'll ever see
            The ants of old weren't half as bold and big
                          And fierce as me'.

                          ENORMOUS APPLAUSE.

— Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Ep. 41: “Michael Ellis”

This was supposed to be an easy week. Continue reading “Renovation Week 9: Them!”

Renovation Week 5: Build a Great, Great Wall


The first big change this week — a new plywood subfloor went down.


The only downside to this is that if a robber walks across the kitchen floor in the middle of the night, the squeaks and creaks are all gone, so the entire house won’t wake up any more. I looked for every single squeak that we’ve gotten used to and can’t find any of them. Continue reading “Renovation Week 5: Build a Great, Great Wall”