friz: Animation Control Library

A set of C++ classes for the JUCE application framework that supports the creation of animated UI effects within an application. Supports the commonly found easing curves, some less common ones inspired by Ge Wang’s book “Artful Design,” and easily extensible to add custom easings. Packaged as a JUCE module.

MIT Licensed.


cello: Classes for Working with JUCE ValueTrees

A set of C++ classes that make working with ValueTrees in JUCE applications more like working with regular C++ data, so you get the superpowers of ValueTrees without as much of the verbosity. Packaged as a JUCE module.

MIT licensed.


testSuite: A Single-Header Extension to JUCE UnitTest (etc)

A small extension to the existing juce::UnitTest class that adds per-test setup/teardown blocks, command line interface to control test runner behavior, and a few other things. Packaged as a JUCE module.