Renovation Week 13: The Courier’s Tragedy


I spent most of this week cooped up in a conference center in Lake Arrowhead, CA with my cow-orkers, for the Art & Logic Annual Conference. This is the only chance that most of us have to see each other in person during the year.


UCLA Conference Center


Lake Arrowhead. Almost as pretty as the NJ suburbs.

…about to be subjected to my annual presentation.
View from the ride down the mountain back to LAX

Back Home


The biggest bit of visible progress when I returned was the kitchen floor now is finished. We had a bit of back and forth with the flooring contractor who was afraid that the shade we had chosen (basically Minwax’s #2750 “Jacobean”) would end up too dark compared to samples that I had made, but it ended up exactly where we wanted it to be, darkness-wise:


(compare to these photos for the before to match this)

Also, some progress in the bathroom — floor tile grouted:


…and tiling started on the shower ceiling:


Priority #1 at this point: getting this bathroom usable before we bring Keenan home after the semester ends. I expect there to be wagering on this topic, and I expect everyone to be betting against me.