Spent a chilly spring break day in NYC with my daughter, mostly at MOMA. The shot above is one of my favorite bits of exhibition design: you enter the gallery approaching a wall. As you get closer, you can see that there’s a crowd on the other side looking at something intently. Drawn to find out what they’re looking at you finally see that it’s van Gogh’s The Starry Night, like you’ve seen before, but this one is the real thing. Even though I know this, it hits me every time.

My main goal was an exhibit on computer art starting in the 1950s, but it was too small and left out way too many important things (no Harold Cohen?)

Xmas Miracle

Xmas eve, 1989, Singapore. My family is on vacation in Asia, and we’re invited to my Dad’s office holiday party in Singapore. On the walk from our hotel to the hotel where the party is being held, my sister and I receive a long talk on how important our behavior is (but really I think it’s mostly directed at me) and how it will reflect on him, and that we especially need to eat the food that is served because not doing so would amount to a huge insult that would impact his career.

The event is huge — several hundred people, at least. My family are among the dozen or so westerners in the hall. The master of ceremonies for the evening is local Singaporean TV celebrity/ventriloquist Victor Khoo. Continue reading “Xmas Miracle”

Renovation Week the Last: Double Bar

All inspections passed.

Building permit taken down from the window.

Contractor doing final touchups.


How long?


225 days.

How do we like it?

It’s pretty awesome.

Are there things we wish we had done differently?

How long do you have?

Will we ever do this again?

Ask me in a year. Or 10.

Hey, did they ever grout that tile?



Renovation Week 24: Now Sit Right Back

We must be getting close to the end one way or the other; our contractors have started taking away tools that they’ve been storing in my garage for months. That has to mean something.

When last we spoke, the critical path for this project went directly through the island cabinets that were being built. Without them, the countertop people won’t finish their templates. Without the countertops we can’t install sinks and final plumbing, or do the tile backsplash. Without the island, the Minnow would be lost.

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