Renovation Week 19: Final Prime?

Fingers X-ed that this 19th week is the last week of the project whose cardinality is expressed using a prime number. Maybe not. 23 weeks is likely, thanks to the cabinet guy. At 29 weeks I cry. At 31 weeks I start demolishing the place again from inside. At 37 weeks we firebomb the place. At 41 weeks the authorities dig through the remains and discover the bodies of my enemies.

After that it starts getting bad.



New This WeekIMG_3098

We had a mason come in and clean up the fireplace and install the mantle permanently. The stone was all acid washed (I always wondered what happened to all those folks who used to work at Levi’s were doing now), repointed, and made to look like it was finished into the walls correctly.  Getting rid of the big wood surround piece that used to be there makes things cleaner and the room feel larger — compare:



Electrical work

Ceiling fan mounted in the family room, and the cages were all installed on the kitchen ceiling lights:




Two of the base cabinets were brought in and installed. One minus its front door. This gets us closer to bringing in the appliances and countertops, but nowhere near as quickly as we want that to happen.


Imagine a stainless stove in the middle there.

Not shown

After months of being an eyesore (huge chunks of the outside have had no siding since the project started in the winter) in the neighborhood, they’ve started doing work on the exterior, preparing to re-side things. The one good piece of news is that when we did the addition in 2003 we ended up with a lot of extra siding that’s an exact match, so we shouldn’t need to spend any more money on that part, at least. The new front door was stained and sealed, and we’ll save a picture of that for when the outside is presentable again.

Next Week

Planned (I’d say ‘promised,’ but that’s not realistic):

We’re supposed to get a few more of the cabinet details finished up — the missing door on the left of the stove and the bottom of the pass-through cabinet which will make more sense when it’s completed.

The wall behind the sink is supposed to get trimmed out to match all the rest of the cabinetry there:


There are more light fixtures to install.

Exterior work should continue.

Floor contractor coming to look at the existing floor that had been under carpeting and tell us the bad news about our options here, which I expect to be a choice between “we’ll hate” and “we can’t afford.”

They’ll install the ‘make up air unit’, which will connect to the range hood and keep it from creating a vacuum in the house that would cause the chimneys to backdraft, bringing CO into the house. The good news is that we need this because the CFM rating on this hood ensures that whenever I cook, the entire neighborhood will be able to tell what I’m making.


External Links

First 10000 Primes. If we’re still at this after the 10000th prime number of weeks (104729 weeks), that puts the project ending in the year 4030, when it will be someone else’s problem, unless these pills I bought from a site on the dark net actually work. With me luck on both parts!