Renovation Week 0


After a long long period of not believing that this project was ever going to actually happen, we’ve hired a contractor and find ourselves suddenly in the position of not being ready, scrambling to get things in order for demolition to begin this week. They’re actually going to gut the kids’ bathroom first, so we get a few more days of access to the kitchen, but we’re still getting as much moved out of there as we can.

A few before pictures:

The wall on the left here dividing the kitchen from the dining room will be gone soon.

(Boy, I hate this 70s-tastic kitchen)

(Scarlet is exceedingly confused by all of this..)

The first thing that we did was take down the large double cabinet over my main countertop, which we’ve moved into the guest room which is going to serve as whatever kitchen I have for the next few months.

(minus a cabinet that’s been hanging there for 50 years)

In place for the next few months as a pantry.

The majority of my ability to cook for the next few months. Not shown: my grills, a large electric skillet that my Mom loaned me, and my immersion circulator. I have a feeling that I’m going to lean on cooking sous vide a lot this spring.