Renovation Week 6: The Middle of the Film


An abbreviated update from my hotel room in Austin, Texas.

Six weeks in, and hoping that we’re about half way done. Expecting electrical inspection to happen this week, and it sounds like once that’s in place, a lot of other things can start to happen in fairly rapid sequence.

Big things that were done this week:

  1. Lots of work on electrical stuff, and not just correcting all of the illegal things that were discovered hiding inside the walls for decades. Actual productive work.
  2. We finally got the Goldilocks of ceiling fans for the bathroom, after one that was smaller than Kath was happy with, and another one that was physically too large to be installed correctly in the room.
  3. The wood for the new kitchen floor arrived and is currently sitting in the house acclimating to temperature and humidity before installation. IMG_2499
  4. We’re knocking out a wedge of the wall of the stairwell in hopes of opening up the new dining room a bit.


I’m hoping to come home to an installed floor and lots of other visible progress, and am very much looking forward to a few days of not hearing the noise that will accompany that progress.