Renovation Week 27: appendix a

…in which we slowly inch toward final completion of this project.


We’ve spent the past week finally moving in more permanently and getting things put away into locations that make sense for the moment, anyway. Took the opportunity to replace/upgrade a few things that I promised myself — new nonstick sauté pans, a new blender, in-drawer knife storage instead of a countertop block.

It’s been nice living like a civilized person again.


Part of the last cabinet is in place now:


The white doors will be pained blue to match (on both sides) and with glass panels inserted before installation. That will wrap the cabinetry. We’re still waiting for four glass shelves that will go in front of the windows by the main sink. These will give us a place to store plates/glasses/etc. so we can finally decommission this cabinet from the old kitchen that’s been stashed in our guest room since January:


The dining room is looking more like it belongs in a real house now. We’ve sanded and primed the church pew that we will use as a banquette, and should be able to get that painted and moved into the house this week.




This Week

Hoping to get everything from the cabinet maker complete and installed.

Paint the banquette.

Our contractors return from their vacation next week, and if all goes well they’ll be able to blast out the remaining punch list items (I really want my tile backsplash behind the stove!)

Most importantly: I just made my first batch of ice cream base in the new kitchen, and it’s ripening in the fridge right now. I’ll spin it tomorrow.