The Island of Misfit Toys

I’ve given this a lot of thought.
Santa, horrified by the abominations that are the Misfit Toys (perhaps created as part of a secret North Pole research program that went awry), has banished them to the I of MT where he was confident that no one would ever learn of their existence.

Little did he know at the time that Rudolph and Hermey, shunned by the mob mentality of the elf & reindeer communities would stumble onto them and promise that Santa would come and save them.

On Xmas eve, flying through the fog, Santa had no idea until they landed that Rudolph was taking a detour to the I of MT to save his mutant friends, so he had no choice but to smile grimly and accept the new payload or risk the exposure of his plot.

Note that we never see where the Misfits end up — they’re each handed an umbrella (wait — each? Look again — the bird who sang about not being able to fly does not receive an umbrella!) and pushed out of the sleigh into the fog, not knowing until far too late that they’re the first ones out because the sleigh is still over the Sea of Japan.

They spun in.

There were no survivors.


Renovation Week the Last: Double Bar

All inspections passed.

Building permit taken down from the window.

Contractor doing final touchups.


How long?


225 days.

How do we like it?

It’s pretty awesome.

Are there things we wish we had done differently?

How long do you have?

Will we ever do this again?

Ask me in a year. Or 10.

Hey, did they ever grout that tile?



Renovation Week 24: Now Sit Right Back

We must be getting close to the end one way or the other; our contractors have started taking away tools that they’ve been storing in my garage for months. That has to mean something.

When last we spoke, the critical path for this project went directly through the island cabinets that were being built. Without them, the countertop people won’t finish their templates. Without the countertops we can’t install sinks and final plumbing, or do the tile backsplash. Without the island, the Minnow would be lost.

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